Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes



Domain Specific Users Cannot Access Communications Express After Upgrade from JES4 to Communications Suite version 5

Consider a scenario where a JES4 installation of Communications Express that has been configured to support multiple domains and is later upgraded to JES5 by applying the appropriate patches. After the upgrade, the users for the configured domain cannot log on. Here is an example:

  1. Install the JES4 version of Communications Express

  2. Create a virtual domain on this set up.

  3. Customize by changing a few images and editing the skin properties of

  4. Upgrade to JES5 by applying the appropriate patches.

  5. Restart the web container on which Communications Express is deployed.

  6. Try to log on to the virtual domain that is set up in the previous steps using a valid user for .

    An error page is displayed and the user cannot log on to this domain.