Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Upgrading from an Earlier Version of Calendar Server

If the version of your previous Calendar Server software predates version 5.1.1, first call technical support for assistance in migrating your databases to be Calendar Server 5.1.1 compatible. You can not migrate directly to any of the Calendar Server version 6 releases. In the process recommended by technical support, you will be required to install Calendar Server 5.1.1. After your database files are Calendar Server 5.1.1 compatible, install Calendar Server 6.3 and run the following database tools in the order listed.


Run this utility to upgrade your databases from version 5.1.1 to version 6.2 level. This is an intermediate step that is required before you run the csmigrate utility to bring it up to version 6.3 level. The cs5migrate utility can be found in the sbin directory after you install Calendar Server 6.3.

You must specify the -r option. The cs5migrate utility then creates master and exception records for all recurring events and tasks. Going forward these records will be automatically generated by Calendar Server.

This utility performs the following changes to your databases:

  • Migrates your Calendar Server 5.1.1 LDAP database to be Calendar Server 6.2 compatible.

  • Migrates your Berkeley Data Base to version 4.2.

  • Writes the migration status to csmigrate.log log file.

  • Writes errors to csmigrateerror.log log file.


Run this utility so the LDAP CLD plug-in works properly.


Run this utility to convert your non-domain calendar databases to single domain databases compatible with a multiple domain environment.


Now that your Calendar Server Databases are in version 6.2 mode. run the csmigrate utility to migrate your Calendar Server 6.2 databases to be compatible with Calendar Server version 6.3.

You can find the csmigrate utility, along with other administrative tools, in the sbin directory of your newly installed Calendar Server 6.3 software. For more information on csmigrate , see Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide.

Caution – Caution –

If you are upgrading from a much older version of Calendar Server that was configured for limited virtual domain mode or has multiple instances of Calendar Server on the same machine, contact your Sun Microsystems, Inc. sales account representative for an evaluation of your migration requirements and to ensure that you have the specific migration utility that supports those requirements.

And, as always, never migrate your database without first performing a full backup.