Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide

Run the Sun Java Communications Suite Installer

The Communications Suite installer program installs a series of products, shared components, and libraries that interoperate with one another.

To successfully install and configure Delegated Administrator, you need to install the following components by running the Communications Suite installer. Alternatively, the dependent components such as Directory Server may already be installed on your system. If supported versions have already been installed, you do not have to reinstall them now.

The following list includes all supported versions of the dependent components. If you install the components with the current Communications Suite installer, only the latest versions of these components are available.

For information about the Communications Suite installer, refer to the Sun Java Communications Suite Installation Guide.

Note –

If you are upgrading Delegated Administrator from a previous Sun Java version, see the chapter called “Upgrading Delegated Administrator” in the Sun Java Communications Suite Upgrade Guide.