Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

Appendix D Password Encryption in Communications Express

Communications Express uses a proxy user to communicate with the various dependent components such as Calendar Server, Messaging Server, and Directory Server.

The login and password details for the proxy user are stored in the following property files:

Since the property files are plain text files, the passwords should be encrypted and stored for security reasons. The Communications Express configurator for JES 5 encrypts passwords during configuration. This is done transparently by the configuration tool. Communications Express is shipped with a tool that can be used to manage passwords. Administrators can encrypt passwords by running this script.

Managing Passwords

Communications Express provides a script that helps administrators to encrypt passwords.

ProcedureTo Change Passwords

  1. Go to uwc-basedir/SUNWuwc/sbin directory.

  2. Type the following at the command line prompt:

    ./manage-password -e -d /var/opt/SUNWuwc/ 
  3. The following output is displayed. Type the password that you want to encrypt. To exit, type quit:

    					Option -ep is selected 
    					usr/jdk/entsys-j2se/bin/java -classpath /opt/SUNWuwc/lib/classes:/usr/jdk/entsys-	
    					j2se/lib/ com.sun.msg.install.util.UWCEncryptionManager -ep 	/var/opt/SUNWuwc/ 	
    					Type quit to exit the program   	
    					Enter text to be encrypted:<text_to_be_enctypted>
    					Encrypted String is:- Ul/LlVF5eUUsWTeQyHbxwg==  	
    					Enter text to be encrypted:quit
  4. Copy the encrypted password and paste it in the appropriate property file.