Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

Setting Session Time-out

When users log on to Communications Express, a session is created on the server side for that user. The session contains data about each user and is maintained on the server side. When a large number of concurrent users are logged in, managing the session data may need resources. By setting the session-timeout for a session to an optimal value and closing unused sessions that are open or inactive for a long time, the performance can be improved.

To customize the session-timeout for Communications Express, edit the web.xml file found in uwc-deploy-dir/ WEB-INF directory. This XML file contains the XML tag session-config which has the attribute session-timeout. This attribute defines the session time-out in minutes. Change the value of the session-timeout attribute to the desired value.

For example, the following defines session-time-out for 10 minutes: