Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

3.5.1 csmig Utility Functions

The csmig migration utility performs the following functions: Migrates Calendars

csmig migrates both user and resource calendars in the current calendar database (*.db files) specified by the caldb.berkeleydb.homedir.path parameter. In the new destination target database, csmig updates entries required by the LDAP CLD plug-in in the calendar properties (calprops), events, todos (tasks), and group scheduling engine (GSE) database files.

csmig writes only to the destination target database; it does not update your existing calendar database. Assigns Owners to Calendars

csmig assigns an owner to each calendar in the calendar database and maps each calendar ID (calid) to an owner, if needed. All default calids are kept as is, and no changes are made.

Other calendars are mapped as follows: Updates LDAP Attributes

csmig updates LDAP attributes for all relevant LDAP entries, including icsSubscribed, icsCalendar, icsCalendarOwned, icsFreeBusy, icsSet, and for resource calendars, uid. csmig creates the icsDWPHost attribute for each calendar in the LDAP directory server database. icsDWPHost specifies the host name of the back-end server where a calendar resides.