Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

D.18 csstats

The csstats utility displays Calendar Server statistics. Commands are:

For more information about counters, see E.3 Counters Configuration (counter.conf) File.

D.18.1 Requirements

D.18.2 Syntax

csstats [-q|v] 
        [-r registry] 
        [-i iterations] 
        [-s delay] 
        list [subsystem] 

The following table describes the commands available for the csstats utility.

Table D–32 csstats Utility Commands



list [subsystem]

List counter statistics about a specified Calendar Server subsystem or. If subsystem is not specified, display basic information about the available subsystems, which are: 

  • alarm — monitoring of services alarm notifications

  • auth — login authentication

  • db — calendar database

  • disk — disk usage monitoring

  • gse — Group Scheduling Engine (GSE)

  • http — HTTP transport

  • response — server response times

  • sess — server session status

  • wcap — Web Calendar Access Protocol


Display the version of the utility. 

The following table describes the csstats utility command options.

Table D–33 csstats Utility Command Options




Run in verbose mode: Display all available information about the command being performed. Default is off. 


Run in quiet mode: 

  • Display no information if the operation is successful (errors, if they occur, are displayed).

  • Suppress confirmation prompting for dangerous commands.

    Default is off.

-i iterations

The number of times to repeat statistical lookups. Default is 1. 

-r registry

The name and location of the file that stores counter statistics. The default is: 


-s delay

The amount of time (in seconds) to wait before displaying each statistical lookup. The default is 1 second. 

D.18.3 Examples