Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide Who Element of Ace Strings in Calendar Server Version 6.3

The Who element is the principal value for an ACE and indicates who the ACE applies to, such an individual user, domain, or specific type of user.

Who is also called the Universal Principal Name (UPN). The UPN for a user is the user’s login name combined with the user’s domain. For example, user bill in domain has the UPN

Table 1–2 “Who” Formats for Access Control Entry (ACE) Strings




Refers to a specific user. For example: jsmith. 


Refers to a specific user at a specific domain. For example:


Refers to any user at the specified domain. 

For example: specifies,, and anyone else at

Use this format to grant or deny access to an entire domain of users. 


Refers to all users. 


Refers to owners for the calendar: 

  • @@d – domain of the primary owner

  • @@p – primary owner only

  • @@o – all owners, including the primary owner

  • @@n – not an owner