Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

3.1 An Overview of Calendar Server Database Migration Utilities

This section describes each of the migration utilities. Use only the migration utilities you need, depending on which version of Calendar Server you previously had installed. These utilities are found in the sbin directory.

Tip –

If you have ever run the cs5migrate utility against your databases, but did not use the -roption, you must run it again with the -r option before running any of the other utilities.

The migration utilities are as follows:

3.5 csmig Utility

Assigns an owner to each calendar in the Calendar Server 6 database and maps each calendar ID (calid) to an owner, if needed, which allows support for multiple domains and the LDAP Calendar Lookup Database (CLD) plug-in.

Run this utility before csvdmig.

3.6 csvdmig

Upgrades a Calendar Server 6 site to use multiple domains by adding the calendar’s domain (@domainname) to each calid. For example, in the domain, the jdoe calidwould now be This utility is packaged with Calendar Server.

Run this utility aftercsmig and beforecs5migrate.

3.4 cs5migrate Utility

Migrates your calendar databases from Calendar Server version 5 to version 6.2 format. You must run this utility against your databases specifying the -r option. If you migrated from Calendar Server version 5.1.1 to version 6.2 prior to this time, but you did not run the cs5migrate utility with the -r option, you must run it with that option before running the csmigrate utility.

Run this utility after csmig and csvdmig and before csmigrate.

3.3 csmigrate Utility

Migrates your calendar databases for upgrading from Calendar Server version 6.0, 6.1, or 6.2 to Calendar Server 6.3 version. If you need to run cs5migrate with the -r option, run it before this utility.

3.7 commdirmig

Migrates LDAP data from Schema version 1 to Schema version 2 in preparation for use with Access Manager (in Legacy mode).