Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

10.3.2 Sun LDAP Schema Version 2 for Calendar Server Version 6.3

The following graphic shows an LDAP directory organization for a multiple domain installation that uses Sun LDAP Schema version 2.

Figure 10–1 LDAP Directory Organization Using LDAP Schema Version 2

This diagram shows an example of a pure Schema version
2 environment using only a single tree, an Organization tree, and no DC tree.

LDAP Schema version 2 uses a flat LDAP directory organization, that is, the domains are all at the same level; they are not nested. For a multiple domain installation, the first level entries (as shown by varriusDomain, sestaDomain, and siroeDomain in the graphic) must be parallel in the directory organization. These entries cannot be nested.

If you want to use Access Manager features such as single sign-on (SSO), or use Delegated Administrator to provision users, Schema version 2 is required. However, there is a hybrid variation, a two tree scheme that uses both the DC tree and the Organization tree, much like Schema version 1, but it uses the Schema version 2 object classes and attributes. This is Schema version 2 compatibility mode, which is called Schema version 1.5 in the configuration program (