Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

13.2 Creating New Calendar Server Domains

This section contains conceptual information and instructions for adding domains to your Calendar Server deployment. You can use either schema with multiple domains. However, if you have the choice, use Schema version 2 to take advantage of the superior tool set.

This section contains the following topics:

13.2.1 Overview of Creating Calendar Server Domains

Calendar Server software has multiple domains enabled by default. Do not change the value of the following ics.confparameter:"yes".

Once you have completed the preparation work described in Chapter 10, Setting Up a Multiple Domain Calendar Server 6.3 Environment, you can add new domains.

Each domain has a set of attributes and preferences that you can set. These attributes are part of the icsCalendarDomain object class. The attributes include preferences such as access rights, access control lists (ACLs), domain searches, access rights for domain searches, user status, and proxy logins.

13.2.2 To Add a Domain in Schema Version 2 Mode

This section contains instructions on how to add a domain in Schema version 2 mode.

You can use either the Delegated Administrator Console or Utility:

13.2.3 To Add a Domain in Schema Version 1 Mode

This section contains a simplified sample instruction for using the csdomain utility.

Use csdomain create when creating a domain in Schema version 1. For example, to create, use the following command.

csdomain create

For instructions on how to configure for multiple domains, see Chapter 10, Setting Up a Multiple Domain Calendar Server 6.3 Environment.