Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

15.5.3 Creating Resources and Resource Calendars

Tip –

If the value of the ics.conf parameter resource.invite.autoprovision is "yes", the resource calendar will be created upon first invitation. That is, if this resource does not already have a default calendar, the first time its scheduled in an invitation, a resource calendar will be created.

To create a resource, use one of the following methods:

Calendar Server Utility (Schema version 1)

Use csresource create

This utility creates both the LDAP entry and the default calendar for the resource.

If there is an existing LDAP entry for the resource, csresource creates only the calendar. It will not create a duplicate LDAP entry.

For example, to create a resource LDAP entry and calendar with the calendar ID aud100, viewable name Auditoriumwith the default settings, use the following command:

csresource -m -c aud100 create Auditorium

Delegated Administrator Utility and Calendar Server utility

Use a combination of two commands:

  • The Delegated Administrator Utility command commadmin resource create to create the LDAP entry.

  • The Calendar Server Utility command csresource create to create the default calendar.

Delegated Administrator Console

To create the LDAP resource with the Console, select the organization where this resource will reside from the Organizations List. From the Calendar Resources page for this organization, click New to bring up the Create New Calendar Resource Wizard.

For more information about the Delegated Administrator Utility, see Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide.

For more information about the Delegated Administrator Console, see the online help.

For more information about csresource, see Appendix D, Calendar Server Command-Line Utilities Reference.