Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

22.5.1 Finding Berkeley Database Tools

Many of the troubleshooting steps you will want to take require having access to the Berkeley database utility programs. While a version of these utility programs is available in the Calendar Server bundle, they are not supported. You might want to obtain more information directly from Sleepycat Software (

This section covers the following topics: To Access the Berkeley Database Utilities

Set and export the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to reflect the following directory:

cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/cal/tools/unsupported/bin/ List of Available Tools

The following table lists some of the commonly used Berkeley database tools (utility programs).

Berkeley Database Tools 



Writes the path names of log files that are no longer in use to the standard output, one pathname per line. 


A daemon process that monitors the database log and periodically calls the checkpoint routine to checkpoint it. 


Traverses the database environment lock region and aborts a lock request each time it detects a deadlock or a lock request that has timed out. 


Writes the specified file to standard output in a flat-text format understood by the db_load utility.


Reads from the standard input and loads it into the database file specified. If the file does not already exist it creates it. 


Debugging utility that dumps log files in human-readable format. 


Restores the database to a consistent state after an unexpected application, database, or system failure. 


Displays statistics for the database environment. 


Verifies the structure of one or more files and the databases they contain.