Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

Appendix A Directory Configuration Worksheet

This worksheet helps you collect the information you will be asked for when running The first column shows you the silent mode options and the expected information that is to follow it. The second column shows you the same option in interactive mode with the default answer.

There is a line provided in the right column for the answer you want to give. It applies to both the silent and interactive modes. For silent mode, use the answers as the value that follows the option. For interactive mode, enter your value at the prompt.

For examples and instructions on how to run, see the Sun Java System Communications Suite 5 Installation and Configuration Guide.

Table A–1 Directory Server Setup Script ( Worksheet

Silent Mode Options  

Interactive Dialog and Defaults  

-i yes | no

Add new Directory Server indexes (yes/no). 

Default: yes 

Your value: 

-R yes | no

Reindex now (yes/no). 

Default: yes 

Your value:  

-c Directory Server Root

Directory Server root path name. 

Default: /var/opt/Sun/dsins

Your value:  

-d Directory Server Instance

Directory Server instance subdirectory. 

Default: none 

Your value:  

-r DC Root Suffix

DC Tree root suffix. 

Default: o=internet

Your value:  

-u User and Group Base Suffix

User/Group root suffix. 

Default: o=usergroup

Your value:  

-s yes | no

Update schema (yes/no). 

Default: yes 

Your value:  

-D Directory Manager DN

Directory Manager Distinguished Name (DN). 

Default: "cn=Directory Manager".

Your value:  

-w Directory Manager DN Password

Directory Manager DN password. 

Default: none. 

Your value:  

-b yes | no

Use this directory to store both configuration and user data (yes) or configuration data only (no). 

Default: yes 

Your value:  

-t 1|1.5|2

Schema version: 

  • Option 1 – Schema version 1

  • Option 1.5 – Schema version 2 Compatibility Mode

  • Option 2 – Schema version 2 Native Mode

    Default: 1

    Your value:

-m yes|no

Do you want to modify the directory server? 

Default: yes 

no- prints out script but does not execute it. 

-S PathtoSchemaFile

Path to the directory where the schema files are located. 

Default: ./schema

Your value: