Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

D.6 csclean

The csclean utility only works in Schema version 2 mode. It removes user and resource calendars for users whose status attribute (icsStatus) has been marked as “deleted” by Delegated Administrator.

For Schema version 1, use csuser and cscal to remove all of the calendars for a deleted user.

D.6.1 Requirements

D.6.2 Syntax

csclean [-q | -v] 
        [-g graceperiod]
        clean domain

The following table describes the csclean utility command options.

Table D–8 csclean Utility Command Options




Run in quiet mode: 

  • Display no information if the operation is successful (errors, if they occur, are displayed).

  • Suppress confirmation prompting for dangerous commands.

    Default is off.


Run in verbose mode: Display all available information about the command being performed. Default is off. 


Specifies the number of days to have elapsed since the calendar service was deleted for a user. 

The default is 10 days. 


Specifies the domain in which to remove calendars for all users and resources. 

An asterisk (*) removes all calendars for all users and resources in all domains.

D.6.3 Examples