Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

D.6.2 Syntax

csclean [-q | -v] 
        [-g graceperiod]
        clean domain

The following table describes the csclean utility command options.

Table D–8 csclean Utility Command Options




Run in quiet mode: 

  • Display no information if the operation is successful (errors, if they occur, are displayed).

  • Suppress confirmation prompting for dangerous commands.

    Default is off.


Run in verbose mode: Display all available information about the command being performed. Default is off. 


Specifies the number of days to have elapsed since the calendar service was deleted for a user. 

The default is 10 days. 


Specifies the domain in which to remove calendars for all users and resources. 

An asterisk (*) removes all calendars for all users and resources in all domains.