Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

D.7.2 Syntax

cscomponents [-v|-q] 
             [-e endtime] 
             [-s starttime] 
             [-t event|task]
             delete|list calid

The following table describes the commands available for the cscomponents utility.

Table D–9 cscomponents Utility Commands



delete calid

Deletes events and tasks in the calendar with the specified calendar ID. 

list calid

Lists events and tasks in the calendar with the specified calendar ID. 

Note –

When deleting tasks, you must specify the -soption with an actual DateTime Z String specifying the starting date for removal. If you do not specify a date, or you specify zero (0) as the value for the option, all tasks will be deleted from the calendar.


Prints the version of the utility to the screen. 

The following table describes the cscomponents utility command options.

Table D–10 cscomponents Utility Command Options




Run in verbose mode: Display all available information about the command being performed. Default is off. 


Run in quiet mode: 

  • Display no information if the operation is successful (errors, if they occur, are displayed).

  • Suppress confirmation prompting for dangerous commands.

    Default is off.

-e endtime

Ending time of the components. An end time of 0 means to the end of time. The default is 0.

-s starttime

Starting time of the components. A start time of 0 means from the beginning of time. The default is 0.

Note –

For tasks only, you must specify this option and the starting date specified must be a DateTime Z String. If the option is not specified, or the option is specified but the value is set to zero, all tasks for this calendar will be deleted.

-t event|task

Type of components (events or tasks) on which the action is performed. Default is both.