Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

D.10 csexport

The csexport utility exports a calendar to a file in iCalendar (.ics) or XML (.xml) format. Commands are:

D.10.1 Requirements

D.10.2 Syntax

csexport [-v|-q]
         -c calid
         calendar outputfile

The following table describes the commands available for the csexport utility.

Table D–18 csexport Utility Commands



calendar outputfile

Export the calendar to the specified output file. The data format of the file is determined by the specified filename extension: 

  • .ics for iCalendar (text/calendar)

  • .xml for XML (text/xml)


Display the version of the utility. 

The following table describes the csexport utility command options.

Table D–19 csexport Utility Command Options




Run in verbose mode: Display all available information about the command being performed. Default is off. 


Run in quiet mode: 

  • Display no information if the operation is successful (errors, if they occur, are displayed).

  • Suppress confirmation prompting for dangerous commands.

    Default is off.

-c calid

The calendar ID of the calendar to export. This option is required with the calendar command. There is no default. 

D.10.3 Examples