Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

E.2.18 Calendar Server Group Scheduling Engine (GSE) Configuration Parameters

The following table shows the Group Scheduling Engine (GSE) configuration parameters with each parameter’s default value and description.

Table E–18 Group Scheduling Engine (GSE) Configuration Parameters in the ics.conf File


Default Value  





Specifies if the auto refresh feature is enabled or disabled. If auto refresh is enabled, after an attendee replies to an event organizer, that attendee’s reply status is automatically propagated to other attendees for that scheduled event. 

  • "yes" enables auto refresh.

  • "no" disables auto refresh.




Specifies (in seconds) how long to wait before the server scans the schedule queue for incoming jobs. If there are more jobs in the queue than the maximum threads allocated, the last thread will always scan the job queue again. Therefore, this setting only takes effect when the number of jobs is below the maximum threads allocated. 

Increasing this number reduces the frequency the server scans the job queue and improves overall performance. 



Specifies the maximum number of concurrent threads the server uses to process the schedule queue. Each thread processes one job in the queue. 




Specifies (in seconds) the maximum length of time the server will retry to complete a group scheduling job. If the time exceeds the maximum length of time specified, the server treats the job as a retry expired condition and reports the error. 

Note that the default of 86400 seconds equals one day. 



Specifies (in seconds) how often the server will retry a previous failing job. The server retries a failing job only when a network error is encountered. The server treats most such errors, however, as fatal errors and does not consider them as retries. 



Specifies the maximum stack size (in bytes) of a group scheduling thread.