Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureHigh Level Task List for Post Installation Configuration for Calendar Server Version 6.3

  1. Run the Directory Server Setup script,, to configure Sun Java System Directory Server 5 (if the script has not already been run).

    This script is located in the following directory: /opt/SUNWcomds/sbin.

    For information about running it, see the Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide.

  2. Run the Calendar Server configuration program ( to configure your site’s specific requirements and to create a new ics.conf configuration file.

    For a description of the parameters in the ics.conf file, see Appendix E, Calendar Server Configuration Parameters.

    The configuration program is located in the following directory: /opt/SUNWics5/sbin

    For information about running, see Chapter 2, Initial Runtime Configuration Program for Calendar Server 6.3 software (

  3. Customize your system by editing parameters in the ics.conf file.

    The chapters in Part III, Customizing Your Calendar Server Configuration describe how to customize your system by editing the ics.conf file.

    Note –

    Its possible for the ics.conf to contain duplicate parameters with different values. The system reads the file sequentially, updating system settings as it goes along. With this method, the last value it finds for this parameter is the one that gets used.

    As a best practice, add all of your ics.conf settings to the end of the file so you will know which ones you have set. But to improve efficiency, comment out the older instances of the parameter. This helps because the fewer parameters the system has to read, the faster it can process the file.