Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

14.4.2 To Check if the mail Attribute Exists in the LDAP Entry

If you do not know if your users, groups and resources have the mail attribute, for Schema version 2 environments, use Delegated Administrator to check for mail services.

For Schema version 1 environments, use the csattribute list command with the -v (verbose) option.

For example, to check if the conference room resource Room100 has the mail attribute, you would issue the following command:

csattribute -v list Room100

The output tells if the mail attribute is present:

cn=Room 100,ou=conferenceRooms,dc=sesta,dc=com
 has mail:

If the mailattribute exists, you do not have to add it. If the attribute does not exist, then add it as shown in the section that follows.