Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

14.7.1 To Modify an LDAP Entry Attribute

To modify an LDAP entry attribute, use ldapmodify. For example, to change the status of user with uid=tchang, use ldapmodify as shown:

 changetype: modify
 add: objectclass
 objectClass: icsCalendarUser
 add: icsStatus
 icsStatus: active

Note –

If your site is using the LDAP CLD plug-in, do not attempt to move a user’s calendars from one back-end host to another by changing the value of icsDWPHost, using csattribute. Modifying icsDWPHost does not cause the calendar to be moved to the new back-end host. For instruction on how to move a calendar from one back-end server to another, see 15.6 Managing User Calendars.