Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Back Up the Calendar Database to a Directory

  1. Log in as the owner of the database files (such as icsuser).

  2. Use the csbackup utility database command.

    For example, to back up the calendar database to a directory named backupdir:

    csbackup -f database backupdir

  3. Verify the correct version of the database was backed up by checking the ics50caldb.conf version file in the backup directory.

    Note –

    The csbackup utility fails if the target backup directory already exists and you do not specify the -f option. For example, the following command fails if backupdir exists, even if the directory is empty:

    csbackup database backupdir

    Therefore, if you specify a target backup directory that already exists, include the -f option when you run csbackup.

    You can also specify a nonexistent target backup directory and let csbackup create the directory for you.