Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

6.2 Prerequisites for an HA Environment for Your Calendar Server Version 6.3 Deployment

This sections lists the prerequisites for installing Calendar Server in an HA environment.

The following prerequisites apply:

6.2.1 About HAStoragePlus for a Calendar Server 6.3 HA Deployment

Use the HAStoragePlus resource type to make locally mounted file systems highly available within a Sun Cluster environment. Any file system resident on a Sun Cluster global device group can be used with HAStoragePlus. An HAStoragePlus file system is available on only one cluster node at any given point of time. These locally mounted file systems can only be used in failover mode and in failover resource groups. HAStoragePlus offers Failover File System (FFS), in addition to supporting the older Global File System (GFS), or Cluster File System (CFS).

HAStoragePlus has a number of benefits over its predecessor, HAStorage:

Note –

Use HAStoragePlus resources in a data service resource group with Sun Cluster 3.0 Release May 2002 and later.

For more information on HAStoragePlus, see Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS.