Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

6.6.1 Creating the File Systems for Your Calendar Server 6.3 HA Deployment

Create a file system on the shared disk. The /etc/vfstab should be identical on all the nodes of the cluster.

For CFS, it should look similar to the following example.

## Cluster File System/Global File System ##
/dev/md/penguin/dsk/d400 /dev/md/penguin/rdsk/d400 /cal ufs 2 yes global,logging

For example, for FFS:

## Fail Over File System/Local File System ##
/dev/md/penguin/dsk/d400 /dev/md/penguin/rdsk/d400 /cal ufs 2 no logging

Note –

The fields in these commands are separated by tabs, not just spaces.