Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Enable Logging

The following task must be done on each HA node since the /var/adm file can't be shared. This file is on the root partition of the individual nodes.

  1. Create a logging directory for Calendar Server agents.

    mkdir -p /var/cluster/rgm/rt/SUNW.scics
  2. Set the debug level to 9.

    echo 9 >/var/cluster/rgm/rt/SUNW.scics/loglevel

    The following example shows log messages you might see in the directory. Note that, in the last line, ICS-serverroot is asking for the cal-svr-base, or installation directory.

    Dec 11 18:24:46 mars SC[SUNW.scics,CAL-RG,cal-rs,ics_svc_start]: 
         [ID 831728 daemon.debug] Groupname icsgroup exists.
    Dec 11 18:24:46 mars SC[SUNW.scics,CAL-RG,LOG-HOST-RS,ics_svc_start]: 
         [ID 383726 daemon.debug] Username icsuser icsgroup
    Dec 11 18:24:46 mars SC[SUNW.scics,CAL-RG,LOG-HOST-RS,ics_svc_start]: 
         [ID 244341 daemon.debug] ICS_serverroot = /cal-svr-base
  3. Enable Sun Cluster Data Services Logging.

    Edit the syslog.conf file by adding the following line .

    daemon.debug /var/adm/clusterlog

    This will cause all the debug messages to be logged into the daemon.debug /var/adm/clusterlog file.

  4. Restart the syslogd daemon.

    pkill -HUP syslogd

    All syslog debug messages are prefixed with the following:

    SC[resourceTypeName, resourceGroupName, resourceName, methodName]

    The following example messages have been split and carried over to multiple lines for display purposes.

    Dec 11 15:55:52 Node1 SC
          [ID 855581 daemon.error] Failed to get the configuration info
    Dec 11 18:24:46 Node1 SC
          [ID 833212] Attempting to start the data service under 
          process monitor facility.