Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide Creating a Calendar with Other Properties

The following example creates a new calendar, Personal, similar to the previous example, but it also associates the calendar with the category named sports, enables double booking, and specifies Ron Jones as another owner:

cscal -n Hobbies -o jsmith -g sports -k yes -y rjones create Personal

The command has the following parts:


The name of the utility.


The unique ID (uid) of the primary owner for this calendar.

-g sports

This option associates the calendar, Personal, with a category named sports.


The value specifies another owner of the calendar.

-k yes|no

This option enables or disables double booking of events in one time slot.

A value of yes enables double booking. A value of no would disable double booking.


The command to create the new calendar.


The calendar ID to be assigned to this calendar.