Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide Overview of Creating a New Calendar

To create a new calendar, use the cscal utility with the create command. The user or resource entry must already exist in the LDAP directory. Refer to Chapter 14, Administering Users, Groups, and Resourcesfor information on adding users and resources to your LDAP directory.

If your site is using the LDAP Calendar Lookup Database (CLD) plug-in, you must create all of the calendars for a particular user or resource on the same back-end server, as indicated by the icsDWPHost LDAP attribute in the user or resource entry. If you try to create a calendar on a different back-end server, the cscal utility returns an error. For information about the LDAP CLD plug-in, see Chapter 5, Configuring Calendar Database Distribution Across Multiple Machines in Calendar Server Version 6.3.