Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Run the Calendar Server csmigrate Utility

  1. Log in with root privileges.

  2. Stop all services.

    For example, issue the following command:

  3. Move your current databases to a temporary directory.

    For example, move the entire csdb directory to the oldcsdb.

    mv cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/csdb/* cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/oldcsdb
  4. Make sure both the new directory and old files in that directory are owned by the default administrator (icsuser, icsgroup).

    If the ownership is not correct, change ownership using the following command:

    chown -R icsuser:icsgroup /cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/oldcsdb/
  5. Run the migration tool.

    Migrate from your new backup copy (oldcsdb) to the csdb directory as shown in the following example:

    cd cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/cal/sbin/ 
    ./csmigrate -l max /cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/oldcsdb cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/csdb
  6. Restart calendar services.

    For example, use the following command: