Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

3.3.1 csmigrate Utility Syntax

The syntax for the csmigrate command is:

csmigrate [-q] [-d] [-l min|max] [-b backup_dir] source_dbdir target_dbdir

The options and their usage are as follows:

-q (optional)

Specifies quiet mode and no print instructions.

-d (optional)

Specifies dry run mode and no new database written.

-l min|max (optional)

Specifies log level. The migration logs are written to csmigrate.log and errors are written to csmigrateError.log in the default logs directory.

-b backup_dir (optional)

Specifies the directory to backup source database. The program backs up the source database to this directory and works on that copy to prevent any damage to the source databases. Default location is the backup under the source database directory.

-source_dbdir (mandatory)

The directory where pre-migration database files are located.

-target_dbdir (mandatory)

The directory where post-migration files are created.

-V (other supported option)

To print the version information of the tool.

-? (other supported option)

To print the usage information of the tool.

Note –

The exit codes for the program are 255 on failure and 0 on success.