Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 WCAP Developer's Guide


The rrules parameter takes a semicolon-separated list of quoted recurrence rule strings. Each string represents a recurrence rule of the event. Each string must be enclosed in quotes. Many parameters are possible for recurrence rules. (See RFC 2445 for a complete description of the syntax.)

Three parameters used by Calendar Server for specifying recurrence are freq, count and until:


The event recurs daily. 


The event recurs weekly. 


The event recurs monthly. 


The event recurs yearly. 

In the event that neither the count nor the until parameter are specified, the default is 60 instances.

Note –

Using the storeevents.wcap command to create an event with only exdates or rdates values, without specifying an rrules results in no events being created. The same behavior can be observed with the storetodos.wcap command.

The following example shows an rrules parameter that specifies the event is to occur daily for 10 instances (COUNT=10;FREQ=DAILY):


The following example URL passes the example rrules parameter: