Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 WCAP Developer's Guide

Calendar Server WCAP Attendee: Method Parameter

The method parameter describes the type of message used: invitation, response, cancellation.

When there are multiple attendee, specify one of the following ITIP methods:



Used only by the organizer. 



Used only by the organizer. 



Used only by attendees. 



Used only by the organizer. 

In addition to these ITIP methods, there is another method used by Calendar Server internally (a non-ITIP method):



Used by attendee to update only the attendee’s copy of a group scheduled event. Does not affect anyone else’s calendar data. 

Note –

Even though the method parameter has a default value, it is a required parameter if you are trying to do anything other than PUBLISH. Leaving the parameter off the storeevents or storetodos commands causes the default (PUBLISH) to be the presumed action.

In an invitation, three types of messages can occur:

Note –

The preferred way to handle a cancellation is to use one of the deleteevents commands, rather than storeevents.

The following set of examples demonstrates the WCAP commands for an organizer “org” to invite attendees “attA” and “attB” to a meeting. Attendee “attA” accepts the invitation. Attendee “attB” declines the invitation. The uid for the meeting is “event_u1”. The event is created on both attendees’ calendars. Each responds to the event on their own calendar. The response is sent back to the organizer’s calendar by the Calendar Server Group Scheduling Engine.

The following is an example of an invitation:

storeevents.wcap?id=${SESSIONID of org}&calid=org

The following is an example of the acceptance:

storeevents.wcap?id=${SESSIONID ofattA}&calid=attA

The following is an example of a declined meeting:

storeevents.wcap?id=${SESSIONID ofattB}&calid=attB