Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 WCAP Developer's Guide


This command requests a search for a calendar using the query type specified by searchOpts. WCAP returns the calendar properties for all calendars where a value in the one of the properties, primaryOwner, calid, name, exactly matches the search-string given in the search-string parameter. If there are multiple matches, it returns all of them, up to the maximum number of matches specified in maxResults.

When searching for the primary owner, the internal search filter is set to find exact matches. If you want to allow the system to perform wildcard searches, such that the search string appears anywhere within the property value, then you must edit the ics.conf file by uncommenting the following line:

!service.calendarsearch.ldap.primaryownersearchfilter = "(&(|(uid=*%s*)(cn=*%s*))(objectclass=icsCalendarUser))"

Caution – Caution –

Enabling the wildcard search can negatively impact performance.