Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 WCAP Developer's Guide


This command modifies the preferences for the current user. You might also modify the user’s password through LDAP.

Use of this parameter is only necessary when setting the subscribed list of calendars, in icsSubscribed, or the subscribed list of groups, in icsSet. The calid on incoming commands must have the colon, :, replaced with a caret, ^. For example, if the calid is jdoe:personal, then WCAP must receive it as jdoe^personal in order for the command to work properly.

If the value of convertCalid is 1, then WCAP converts the ^ back to a :. If the value of the convertCalid is 0, the conversion does not happen.

When the administrator is logged in, and the ics.conf file preference service.admin.calmaster.wcap.allowgetmodifyuserprefs is set to yes, the userid parameter specifies which user’s preferences to set.