Using NetApp Filers with Sun Java System Messaging Server Message Store

Planning Disk Capacity and Creating Volumes

You need to create a volume (or volumes) on the filer before installing Messaging Server. To avoid disk I/O bottlenecks, configure the system with as many spindles as possible. Note that more spindles in a volume means longer RAID reconstruction time in case disk failure happens.

Note –

The message store file system on the NetApp filer can only be mounted by one Messaging Server host. Sharing the same message store file system by more than one Messaging Server is not supported.

ProcedureTo Create a Volume on a NetApp Data ONTAP 7G (Flexible Volume)


    The following commands create an aggregate (aggr1) and a flexible volume (eng).

    • To create an aggregate called aggr1 with 10 spindles (disks):

      aggr create aggr1 10

    • To create a 20 GB flexible volume called eng:

      vol create eng aggr1 20g

ProcedureTo Create a Volume on a NetApp Data ONTAP 6.5 and Older (Traditional Volume)

  1. The following command creates a volume called eng with 10 spindles:

    vol create eng 10
  2. Export the volume(s) to Messaging Server through NFS.

    Add the following entry to the system /etc/exports file on the filer (the server is msg1).

    /vol/eng -root=msg1
  3. Run the Data ONTAP exportfs command.

    exportfs -a
  4. Mount the volume eng from server msg1.

    mount filer:/vol/eng /eng
  5. Use /eng as the path to the message store.