Comparison of Sun Java System LDAP Schema Modes for Communications Suite Products

How Alias Domains are Handled in Schema Version 2 Native Mode

In Schema version 2 native mode, as implemented for use with Access Manager, no hierarchy is allowed. That is, all domain nodes (base nodes) must reside directly below the root node. Index nodes are not allowed. This means a loss of functionality from Schema version 1 mode since index nodes containing alternate routing and access control information can't be created. However, aliases with the same routing information as the base node can be created by adding one associatedDomain attribute for each alias domain name to the Organization node domain entry. Note that the inetCanonicalDomainName attribute is not used.

In Schema version 2 native mode without Access Manager, both base and index nodes can be created in the Organization tree using a hierarchical structure. Index nodes can contain different routing and access control information, similar to index nodes found in the DC tree for Schema version 1 mode. Index nodes are decorated with the inetCanonicalDomainName attribute, as in Schema version 1 mode. However, the alias domains found in Schema version 1 mode don't exist in Schema 2 native mode. They have been replaced by the use of the associatedDomain attribute decorating the canonical domain.