Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 64-bit Installation Technical Note

Patch and Package Information for Messaging Server

For the most current list of required patches for Sun Java System Messaging Server go to and select either “Patches” or “Patch Portal”. As operating system patch requirements change and patches to Java Enterprise System components become available, updates will be made available on SunSolve, initially in the form of recommended patch clusters.

Note –

The installer checks for required platform patches. You must install all required patches or the installation process will not continue.

At the time of general release, the following Messaging Server 6.3 32–bit upgrade patches are available:

Solaris Platform 

Patch Number (English) 





The following Messaging Server 6.3 product packages are part of this release:


Localized Version 

32–bit: SUNWmessaging-server

32–bit: SUNWmessaging-server-l10n

64–bit: SUNWmessaging-server-64

64–bit: SUNWmessaging-server-l10n–64