Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 64-bit Installation Technical Note

Performing Multiple Installations with an Alternate Root

Unlike the previous version of the installer, this version allows multiple installations of the same product version on the same machine by using different INSTALLROOTS.

To do so, install the product in the alternate root with the —altroot flag:

  1. Install OS patches and Shared Components in the default INSTALLROOT. See To Begin Installation. To only install the shared components, add a ~ (tilde) to the component number you want to install in the alternate root. For example, if you plan to install Messaging Server 64–bit in the alternate root, you select ~3 during the default installation. The installer will know to only install dependencies and not the product itself.

    Note –

    OS patches are always applied in the default INSTALLROOT, never in the alternate root.

  2. Install Shared Components and Messaging Server in the Alternate Root like the following example:

    commpkg install —altroot —installroot /opt/sun/comms2

    Be sure to use —installroot with —altroot to specify the alternate root.

You may create as many alternate roots as you would like. However, you should manually keep track of all the alternate roots you have created.