Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 64-bit Installation Technical Note

ProcedureTo Perform a 32–bit to 32–bit Upgrade (Side–by-Side)

  1. Using the Messaging Server 6.3 64–bit edition installer, install Messaging Server on the same system as your previous version of Messaging Server, but in a different directory (for example, in this procedure, /opt/sun/comms/messaging/). See To Begin Installation.

  2. To migrate the configuration and Message Store data from the previous version of Messaging Server, run the migrate-config (migration configuration) utility:

    /opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/migrate-config old-msg-svr-root

    For example:

    /opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/migrate-config /opt/SUNWmsgsr

  3. Run /opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/patch-config.

  4. Run /opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/install-newconfig.

  5. To back out the migration, run /opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/migrate-config -u /opt/SUNWmsgsr, where -u is the undo flag.

Next Steps

Once you complete the migration, stop using the old server-root directory:

Start the new server with the following command:


If you need to back out the migration, use the —u (undo) flag:

/opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/migrate-config —u old-base-dir

where old-base-dir is the old server-root directory.

To restart the old Messaging Server, use: old-base-dir/sbin/start-msg