Using Calendar Server Capture (cscapture) to Collect Debug Data for Sun Java System Calendar Server

1.11 Using CS Capture with pkg_app

The GDD pkg_app script is included with CS Capture. Only this version is supported with CS Capture. Therefore, we recommend that you use the copy of the pkg_app script distributed with CS Capture.

In brief, pkg_app gathers a program binary and its associated library files to build a debug environment so that a Sun engineer can debug a process crash or hang. For more details about the pkg_app script, see:

For CS Capture to use pkg_app, the script (or a link to the script) must be present in the directory where pkg_app is run from. It must also be called pkg_app and be executable. Otherwise CS Capture will fail to find the script. By default, with CS Capture, the pkg_app script sits in the same directory as the cscapture script.


Thus, running cscapture from the cscapture directory will cause pkg_app to be used. For example:

# cd cscapture
# ./cscapture

1.11.1 How to Disable pkg_app

If you do not want to have CS Capture run pkg_app, you can remove or rename the pkg_app script. For example:

# mv pkg_app pkg_app-disabled