Using Calendar Server Capture (cscapture) to Collect Debug Data for Sun Java System Calendar Server

1.8 Command Line Options

CS Capture supports several command-line options that can be used to change the default behavior. Use the -? option to list the options and show the command-line usage and built-in help guide:

-? (Command Line Help)

1.8.1 Syntax

./cscapture [-i] [-db|nodb] [-?] [capture path]
Table 1–2 cscapture command line options:



-db | -nodb

Database options. 


Invasive mode.  


Command-line built-in help. 

Entering an invalid option also displays the built-in help and usage information. For more information about the options, see 1.9 Database Options and 1.10 Running cscapture in Invasive Mode.