Sun Cluster Data Service for Apache Tomcat Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Enable Apache Tomcat to run in Failover Zone Configuration

  1. Become superuser or assume a role that provides solaris.cluster.verb RBAC authorization on one of the nodes in the cluster that will host Apache Tomcat.

  2. As superuser register the SUNW.HAStoragePlus and the SUNW.gds resource types.

    # clresourcetype register SUNW.HAStoragePlus SUNW.gds
  3. Create a failover resource group.

    # clresourcegroup create Apache Tomcat-resource-group
  4. Create a resource for the Apache Tomcat zone`s disk storage.

    # clresource create -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus \
    -p FileSystemMountPoints=Apache Tomcat-instance-mount-points \
    Apache Tomcat-has-resource
  5. (Optional) If you want the protection against a total adapter failure for your public network, create a resource for the Apache Tomcat`s logical hostname.

    # clreslogicalhostname create -g Apache Tomcat-resource-group \
    -h logical-hostname \
    Apache Tomcat-logical-hostname-resource-name
  6. Place the resource group in the managed state.

    # clresourcegroup online -M  Apache Tomcat-resource-group
  7. Install the zone.

    Install the zone according to the Sun Cluster HA for Solaris Containers agent documentation, assuming that the resource name is Apache Tomcat-zone-rs and that the zone name is Apache Tomcat-zone.

  8. Verify the zone's installation.

    # zoneadm -z Apache Tomcat-zone boot
    # zoneadm -z Apache Tomcat-zone halt
  9. Register the zone's boot component.

    1. Copy the container resource boot component configuration file.

      # cp /opt/SUNWsczone/sczbt/util/sczbt_config zones-target-configuration-file
    2. Use a plain text editor to set the following variables:

      RS=Apache Tomcat-zone-rs
      RG=Apache Tomcat-resource-group
      PARAMETERDIR=Apache Tomcat-zone-parameter-directory
      SC_LH=Apache Tomcat-logical-hostname-resource-name
      HAS_RS=Apache Tomcat-has-resource
      Zonename=Apache Tomcat-zone
    3. Create the parameter directory for your zone's resource.

      # mkdir Apache Tomcat-zone-parameter-directory
    4. Execute the Sun Cluster HA for Solaris Container's registration script.

      # /opt/SUNWsczone/sczbt/util/sczbt_register -f zones-target-configuration-file
    5. Enable the Solaris Container resource

      # clresource enable Apache Tomcat-zone-rs
  10. Enable the resource group.

    # clresourcegroup online  Apache Tomcat-resource-group