The Java EE 5 Tutorial

UISelectMany Properties

Because a UISelectMany component allows a user to select one or more items from a list of items, this component must map to a bean property of type List or array. This bean property represents the set of currently selected items from the list of available items.

Here is the example selectManyCheckbox tag from Rendering Components for Selecting Multiple Values:

    <f:selectItems value="#{newsletters}"/>

Here is a bean property that maps to the value of this selectManyCheckbox example:

protected String newsletters[] = new String[0];

public void setNewsletters(String newsletters[]) {
    this.newsletters = newsletters;
public String[] getNewsletters() {
    return this.newsletters;

As explained in the section Rendering Components for Selecting Multiple Values, the UISelectItem and UISelectItems components are used to represent all the values in a UISelectMany component. See UISelectItem Properties and UISelectItems Properties for information on how to write the bean properties for the UISelectItem and UISelectItems components.