The Java EE 5 Tutorial

javadoc Binding Declarations

The <javadoc> declaration lets you add custom Javadoc tool annotations to schema-derived JAXB packages, classes, interfaces, methods, and fields. Note that <javadoc> declarations cannot be applied globally; they are only valid as sub-elements of other binding customizations.

The syntax for the <javadoc> customization is:

    Contents in &lt;b>Javadoc&lt;\b> format.


    Contents in <b>Javadoc<\b> format

Note that documentation strings in <javadoc> declarations applied at the package level must contain <body> open and close tags; for example:

<jxb:package name="primer.myPo">
    <![CDATA[<body>Package level documentation for generated package primer.myPo.</body>]]>