The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Resources, Namespaces, and Errors

The StAX specification handles resource resolution, attributes and namespace, and errors and exceptions as described below.

Resource Resolution

The XMLResolver interface provides a means to set the method that resolves resources during XML processing. An application sets the interface on XMLInputFactory, which then sets the interface on all processors created by that factory instance.

Attributes and Namespaces

Attributes are reported by a StAX processor using lookup methods and strings in the cursor interface, and Attribute and Namespace events in the iterator interface. Note here that namespaces are treated as attributes, although namespaces are reported separately from attributes in both the cursor and iterator APIs. Note also that namespace processing is optional for StAX processors. See the StAX specification for complete information about namespace binding and optional namespace processing.

Error Reporting and Exception Handling

All fatal errors are reported by way of the interface. All nonfatal errors and warnings are reported using the interface.