The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Streaming XML Parser Factories Implementation

Most applications do not need to know the factory implementation class name. Just adding the javaee.jar and appserv-ws.jar files to the classpath is sufficient for most applications because these two jars supply the factory implementation classname for various Streaming XML Parser properties under the META-INF/services/ directory (for example,,, and

However, there may be scenarios when an application would like to know about the factory implementation class name and set the property explicitly. These scenarios could include cases where there are multiple JSR 173 implementations in the classpath and the application wants to choose one, perhaps one that has superior performance, contains a crucial bug fix, or suchlike.

If an application sets the SystemProperty, it is the first step in a lookup operation, and so obtaining the factory instance would be fast compared to other options; for example: --> --> -->