The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Mapping an Application Principal to EIS Principals

When using the Application Server, you can use security maps to map the caller identity of the application (principal or user group) to a suitable EIS principal in container-managed transaction-based scenarios. When an application principal initiates a request to an EIS, the Application Server first checks for an exact principal using the security map defined for the connector connection pool to determine the mapped back end EIS principal. If there is no exact match, then the Application Server uses the wild card character specification, if any, to determine the mapped back-end EIS principal. Security maps are used when an application user needs to execute EIS operations that require to be executed as a specific identity in the EIS.

    To work with security maps, use the Admin Console. From the Admin Console, follow these steps to get to the security maps page:

  1. Expand the Resources node.

  2. Expand the Connectors node.

  3. Select the Connector Connection Pools node.

  4. Select a Connector Connection Pool by selecting its name from the list of current pools, or create a new connector connection pool by selecting New from the list of current pools.

  5. Select the Security Maps page.