The Java EE 5 Tutorial

JMS Connection Factories

A connection factory is the object a client uses to create a connection to a provider. A connection factory encapsulates a set of connection configuration parameters that has been defined by an administrator. Each connection factory is an instance of the ConnectionFactory, QueueConnectionFactory, or TopicConnectionFactory interface. To learn how to create connection factories, see Creating JMS Administered Objects for the Synchronous Receive Example.

At the beginning of a JMS client program, you usually inject a connection factory resource into a ConnectionFactory object. For example, the following code fragment specifies a resource whose JNDI name is jms/ConnectionFactory and assigns it to a ConnectionFactory object:

private static ConnectionFactory connectionFactory;

In a Java EE application, JMS administered objects are normally placed in the jms naming subcontext.

Note –

The mappedName element of the @Resource annotation is specific to the Application Server.