The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Coding the Message-Driven Bean:

    The message-driven bean class, replybean/src/, does the following:

  1. Uses the @MessageDriven annotation:

  2. Injects resources for the MessageDrivenContext and for a connection factory. It does not need a destination resource because it uses the value of the incoming message’s JMSReplyTo header as the destination.

  3. Uses a @PostConstruct callback method to create the connection, and a @PreDestroy callback method to close the connection.

    The onMessage method of the message-driven bean class does the following:

  1. Casts the incoming message to a TextMessage and displays the text

  2. Creates a connection, a session, and a publisher for the reply message

  3. Publishes the message to the reply topic

  4. Closes the connection

On both servers, the bean will consume messages from the topic jms/Topic.