Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Application Server Guide for Solaris OS

Sun Cluster HA for Oracle Application Server Overview

Note –

Throughout this document a non-global zone may be referred to as a zone. A global zone will always be referred to as a global zone.

The Sun Cluster HA for Oracle Application Server data service provides a mechanism for the orderly startup and shutdown, fault monitoring, and automatic failover of the Oracle Application Server Infrastructure, referred to as the infrastructure.

The infrastructure provides centralized product metadata, security and management services, configuration information, and data repositories for middle tier installations.

Table 1 lists the Oracle Application Server Middle-Tier, Infrastructure Tier and Database Tier Services.

Table 1 Oracle Application Server Services

Middle Tier 

Infrastructure Tier 

Database Tier 

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 

Metadata Repository 

J2EE Server (OC4J) 

J2EE Server (OC4J) 


LDAP Server (OID) 


Enterprise Manager (EM) 


To fully protect the infrastructure tier and database tier, you must deploy the following data services: